Timo Schlüssel


Feature, documentary, short film – a moving document of the times


A clear concept for characters and a poetic composition for stage or film


Your idea, your work, your product as a clip, a video or a documentation.

Superb. Or as the French say it: Superb! Niall O'Rourke, Creative Director Decca Classics


Since 2008, Timo Schlüssel GmbH has successfully produced plays and films of varying genres. Be it a commissioned short, a tutorial or feature film, a large-scale 4K projection or a documentary – we are here to support your project from conception to completion.

Thanks to an innovative and focused team surrounding producer Timo Schlüssel, as well as an extended network of specialists and artists, we provide top quality production on schedule and on budget.


We are working on a 2D-Animation for SBB: