Timo Schlüssel


Be it a short, a feature or a documentary film, our objective is to create moving, entertaining and inspiring portraits of our times. The focus will always be on the story you want us to tell.

Of course, we place special emphasis on the composition of frame, lighting and sound. We rely especially on our network of experienced scriptwriters, producers, cameramen, sound engineers, lighting technicians, make-up artists, editors and colorists.

We will also gladly support you in only creating a part of your film, for example, with editing or post-production with our high-end editing system (Avid Symphony and Smoke).


Leister Technologies AG – LQS

Garaventa AG – Bike Clip

2017 – Grand Hotel National – Lucerne

2018 – Blumer Techno Fenster AG

2018 – Swiss Steel AG – Steel Making Since 1842

2018 – Swiss Steel AG – Rolling Mill

2018 – Swiss Steel AG – Steel Mill

2016 – Graphax AG – Mars

2017 – RIGI-EMEI

Pilatus-Bahnen AG “HÖHENFLUG”

2015 – Garaventa AG – Systemfilm FUL

2015 – Garaventa AG – Systemfilm ATW